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A New Face in Medical Calibration Equipment

Dale Buckner, Medical Market Manager at Meriam, discusses calibration equipment.

Mon Jan 29 2018By Kaylee McCaffrey

This week on our Ask the Expert series, we are discussing calibration equipment. Dale Buckner, Medical Market Manager at Meriam, introduces us to a new face in medical equipment calibration.


Q1: What are the most important things to look for when purchasing calibration equipment?


Begin by considering the sensor's absolute accuracy, repeatability and resolution. Next, consider the sensor technology used. Does the device comply with standards such as ISO 9000? Evaluate the unit's style or configuration.  Ease of recalibration for upkeep on the traceability year after year and flexibility of use so that the device can be utilized in many applications are good features to consider.


Q2: What are some of the main capabilities of Meriam devices and how do they help the HTM professional?


Our devices are single-function, portable pressure and temperature instruments with flexible features to meet many of your everyday measurement needs.  The are highly accurate devices all traceable to NIST.  They have 25 optional pressure ranges along with eight user selectable and two user-defined pressure engineering units.


Other features include:

  • Accuracy ranges of .25% or .50% FS
  • Media compatible with 316SS
  • Share a high-display resolution of 5 digits
  • Data logging feature
  • Devices are customizable


Q3: What equipment can the HTM professional expect to calibrate using Meriam devices?

  • Pressure measurement for ventilator instrument testing
  • Pressure measurement for anesthesia devices
  • Sterilizer vacuum measurements
  • Non-invasive blood pressure instruments 
  • Facilities testing (medical gases)
  • Leak testing for low pressure applications 
  • Monitoring vacuum on condensers and pump
  • CPAP and BIPAP testing
  • Infusion pumps
  • Steam sterilizers
  • Suitable for facilities infrastructure: facilities steam, medical gas in patient rooms, water and other facilities supply
  • Vacuum measurments

Q4: Is Meriam working on any new product launches?

We are launching our new digital smart manometer the M2004. This product has a new design to better fit the users hands. This device allows for real time data logging without the device being hooked up to a PC or laptop, our meriSuite software will allow the data log to be extracted from the M2004 once the calibration is complete via USB. This device is able to run two different sensors simultaneously, displaying each measurement on the digital display.

We are launching our new MVIP (multi variable instrument pack). This device is geared towards autoclave services/repair, clean room monitoring, environmental monitoring and can be used as a custom box of instruments for any service technicians needs.     


Q5: What else would you like the MedWrench community to know?


Meriam is a new face to Medical with a long standing reputation within the industrial space relating to highly accurate and traceable pressure and temperature measurements. To us a measurement is only as good as its reference. 


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