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Infusion Pump Repair

We spoke with RepairMED on issues regarding Infusion Pump Repair. Learn more about how to care for your infusion pump, when it will need a repair, and common mistakes made.

Tue May 29 2018By Alexandra Wright

1. What are some tips on caring for infusion pumps so that they do not need repairs as soon? 

Follow OEM’s recommended maintenance such as cleaning, and periodic maintenance.  Ensure that proper training is provided for each personnel who operates or handles the device.


2. What are some common issues that occur with infusion pumps that I should look for and make sure that I bring my equipment in for repair? 

A common issues can be fluid entering the device which causes corrosion on the PCB’s. Fluid may also damage essential components such as sensors. This causes several issues that if not acted upon immediately and will result in more costly repairs which may end up scrapping the device. Also, broken cosmetics or components as a result of “physical abuse” is very common.  Unfortunately on some models, OEMs do not sell some, if not all, of these components/parts.


3. What can happen if I do not repair my equipment in time? 

Equipment downtime is critical to the daily operations of a health care facility. Care for patients depends partly from the use of medical devices, wherein an IV pump is the most common equipment used. Keep in mind that issues, like fluid invasion, causes corrosion. The longer the fluid is allowed to stay in a device, the more corrosive it can be, which could lead to a device that is unrepairable.


4. Are their some infusion pump issues that usually call for a calibration instead of a repair? 

Yes but a small percentage.


5. How long to do infusion pumps usually take to repair? 

Depends on the failure, but typically a couple hours followed by at least 24 hours of validation.  


Like any other devices, IV pumps should be handled in a way that ensures the integrity of the device.  The Clinical Engineering department may adopt a more aggressive maintenance program – such as a preventive maintenance program that is more often than the OEM’s recommended schedule.

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