Soma Technology Inc. Celebrating 26 Years of Business!

Soma Technology Inc. is celebrating their 26th year in business! They are taking this opportunity to review the last 26 years.

Thu Jun 07 2018By Alexandra Wright

Maintaining Goals

Soma Technology's mission is to provide high quality new and refurbished medical equipment to healthcare facilities worldwide at affordable costs. They are a one-stop-shop that allows customers to find all of their capital medical equipment in one place. Soma Technology can outfit entire medical facilities saving both time and acquisition costs. Customers save an average of up to 60% off compared to original equipment manufacturers.

Celebrating Successes

They have become an industry leader for the refurbished medical equipment and healthcare markets. Customers can count on Some Technology to provide a complete product turnkey solution that is guaranteed to meet their needs while staying on budget. Best selling products include; C-Arms, ventilators, defibrillators, surgical tables, ultrasounds, EKG machines, and more. All of products are listed here.

Why Choose Soma Technology

Choosing to buy refurbished equipment has many benefits. Firstly, and the most important to surgical centers and hospital buyers is that we have low costs in comparison to new equipment. Buying refurbished allows budgets to go further while maintaining healthcare integrity for treating patients. The additional funds can buy more equipment for an increased patient census or go towards expansion projects. Read A Guide to Buying Referbished Equipment.

Soma Technology is proud to have a green standard. They are conscious of the environment and suggest the up-cycle of equipment through a refurbishment process. They also purchase equipment that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and restore it to almost new. Soma Technology calibrates equipment, replaces parts, cosmetically enhances the appearance, test the machine again and then send it for shipment to your facility.

Unique Qualities

As Soma Technology is a one-stop-shop, they also have many other unique departments. They have a dedicated service team filled with experienced biomedical engineers with many years of experience. Equipment comes with competitive warranties, and in the unfortunate case of a piece of equipment needing service, they also provide the help. They have our own dedicated Parts Department. Soma Technology stocks a large inventory of spare parts based on the capital medical equipment they sell. They stock thousands of parts that can be purchased on their website.

Plan a Visit to Soma Technology

Soma Technology implores buyers to visit their facility to firsthand experience the unique refurbishment process. If you are looking to request a quote as well, you can find your personal sales representative on this list.

Learn more about Soma Technology.

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