Mobile Medical Repair's New Service Offerings and Partnership with Medimizer

Mobile Medical Repair has now begun new service offerings as well as a partnership with Medimizer!

Wed Jun 13 2018By Alexandra Wright

June 12th, 2018 -- Mobile Medical Repair announces new service offerings, as well as a new partnership with Medimizer.

Mobile Medical Repair was recently trained to service the Carefusion Revel and Enve ventilators. Their new service provides extremely fast turnaround time AND on-site service for customers! Mobile Medical Repair has a proven track record specializing in ventilator maintenance. The company’s system saves its customers time AND money – no hassles sending equipment to faraway manufacturers!

Mobile Medical Repair can provide many benefits for its customers! This company offers a quicker turnaround time for customers who choose to come to them for their ventilator as opposed to sending it back to the manufacturer. Mobile Medical Repair provides 24 to 48 hour turnaround time on PM’s, so customers do not have to wait weeks to get their equipment back in rotation!

Mobile Medical Repair is also a company that takes the guesswork out of knowing when equipment needs serviced! “We send reminder emails for necessary service so we can get your equipment scheduled in a timely manner keeping all equipment to code. In addition, we tag each piece of equipment with next due information for easy-at-your-fingertips review,” explained a company employee.

Through their partnership with Medimizer, a new software implementation, Mobile Medical Repair will be able to grant its customers direct access to their service records through the customer portal! Customers can also request service through the “I Request” form!

About Mobile Medical Repair

Mobile Medical Repair has been providing quality medical equipment service and repair to hospitals, LTACs, nursing homes, EMS, air and ground transport, fire departments, police departments and home medical equipment companies since 2003. Learn more at:

About Medimizer

MediMizer, Inc., founded by a biomedical service company in 1983, is an independent biomedical and facilities software company that developed the leading CMMS* or “computerized maintenance management software” used for the clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, facilities, environmental departments in hospitals as well as the biomedical service organizations that service hospitals. Learn more at:


Dominick McCann

CFO Mobile Medical Repair


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