The New AA-8000 - A Q&A With BC Group International

Learn more about BC Group's new AA-8000, the portable anesthetic agent analyzer designed to meet your demands.

Tue Jun 26 2018By BC Group

We recently spoke with Mike Clotfelter, Vice President - Business Development at BC Group International, Inc for more information on the recent launch of the AA-8000, a portable anesthetic agent analyzer. 


1. Tell us a little about this new Anesthetic Agent Analyzer?

The AA-8000 by BC Group International, is the latest in portable anesthetic agent analyzers, 

designed to meet the demandfor a small, easy to use unit with high reliability and accuracy. 

It utilizes a proprietary state-of-the-art digital NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared) Technology to 

provide a low cost, high function, microprocessor-based analyzer.


2. What features set apart the AA-8000?

(1) Very User Friendly – designed for intuitive operation with a straightforward key and menu

structure. (2) It automatically corrects for barometric pressure, eliminating issues related to

altitude. (3) It’s very portable, light weight and has an adjustable handle/stand which makes it

easy to carry and easy to read. (4) It comes standard with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

pack, which allows for testing vaporizer output concentrations in multiple ORs without the

need for AC power. (5) The Agent being measured can be easily selected by pressing a single

button, no need to cycle power or wait for startup delays when changing agents.


3. What else should we know about the AA-8000?

The AA-8000 is much easier to use than any Anesthetic Agent Analyzer on the market. Globally

there are only a couple of anesthetic agent analyzers on the market that are designed to

perform vaporizer efficacy on anesthetic vaporizers and the newest and most advanced

product on the market is the AA-8000. It’s unlike anything else on the market today.

It has a built-in data logger with both manual and automatic operation and real time date

stamping. It holds 250 samples internally. It has a USB computer interface that will allow the

data log to be down loaded. The USB can also be used to upload free firmware updates from

our website into its internal flash memory.


4. How does NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared) Technology Work for the AA-8000?

NDIR Technology provides a very accurate and repeatable method for measuring anesthetic

agents. It takes advantage of the advanced computing power of the latest in microprocessors

and a sophisticated sensor array to accurately identify Anesthetic Agent concentrations.


5. Is there any other BC Group news you would like to share?

While the AA-8000 is the most advance Manual Agent ID unit on the market today, we will soon

be introducing the AA-8100 that will contain all the features of the AA-8000 with the addition

of Auto Agent ID as well as several other advanced features for the user that needs an even

more feature rich solution to Anesthetic Agent Analysis.


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