All the Knowledge You Need About Ultrasound Applications and Image Artifacts

Tips for Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk with clinicians and technicians so you can Exceed Expectations without Missing a Beat

Wed Oct 17 2018By Innovatus Imaging

It’s of vital importance for service engineers to both understand and be able to communicate using the language used in the clinical environment.  It can be a differentiator between a successful service call and great results that exceed your team's expectations.

Knowledge of ultrasound system modes, functions and terminology are a huge part of performing not only proper, but also accurate system service.  This paper is designed to help you increase your knowledge base in order to ultimately instill a high level of confidence with your customers. Applying the principles in this guide will help you save time and add credibility to the vital role you play.  This paper will review the various imaging modes and functions of an ultrasound system and best practices for performing an ultrasound scan in a clinical environment.  You will also learn common sources of image artifacts and tips for troubleshooting noise artifacts. 

Inside this report you’ll find:

  • Review of technology:  
    • What’s in a “mode”? How and why is each one utilized in the clinical environment
    • 3D vs 4D and so much more
    • What are the benefits and limitations of the various Doppler modes:  CW, PW, Color, PDI, TDI and TDE 
  • Terminology
    • A brief guide to all the terms and acronyms you need to have informed, productive conversations with all imaging stake holders.
  • Assessing image quality
    • Rules and tests to assure:
      • Uniformity
      • Resolution
      • Penetration
  • Troubleshooting image artifacts and noise artifacts
    • Artifacts based upon root cause
    • Noise Artifacts
    • Troubleshooting guidelines

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