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Vital Signs: The Path to a Healthy MRI

MedWrench recently learned expert tips and insights regarding MRI system preventative maintenance from Technical Prospects Imaging Support Engineer/Trainer Joe Sam.

Wed Apr 01 2020By Technical Prospects

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What are the basic steps to follow when performing MRI preventative maintenance?

When performing MRI system preventative maintenance there are system specific maintenance procedures which should be followed. However, several basic checks that apply to all MRI systems provide a great benefit for magnet system uptime and reliability.

  • Verify magnet pressure at the magnet itself if or at the magnet monitor
  • Visually inspect magnet for condensation or ice
  • Listen for abnormal refrigerator system cold head sounds
  • Check the pressure of the refrigerator systems’ helium compressor pressure

What are some often overlooked aspects of MRI preventative maintenance that service professionals should be aware of when working on equipment?

MRI service professionals must not overlook the safety aspect of the MR scanner room walkthrough prior to starting service. Safety is always priority when performing MRI system maintenance. The magnet is always on or at the specific field strength and MRI service professionals must always observe safety precautions.

What is the most important thing to remember during MRI preventative maintenance?

Always remember to check magnet pressure and if condensation or ice buildup is on the magnet. Although the monitoring software may show all indications of a properly working magnet system, completing these simple checks could prevent premature part failures and system downtime.

In your expert opinion, what are some valuable MRI preventative maintenance tips?

When completing MRI system preventive maintenance there are several tips which would help to ensure system optimal performance.

  • Always check all the fans within the system cabinets for proper operation every PM.
  • Remember to use an ESD safe vacuum to clean the Host computer air inlets and outlets.
  • Verify that gradient hardware is tightened to system specifications.

What should health care facilities look for when searching for an MRI service provider?

Healthcare facilities searching for an MRI service provider should always verify with the prospective company their service professionals are trained and qualified to service the installed MRI equipment. A service provider that has magnet monitoring capability would also provide a great benefit.

Is there anything else MedWrench users should keep in mind when it comes to MRI preventative maintenance?

MRI system maintenance should be completed at all recommended intervals for the specific system being serviced. Preventative system maintenance will increase system uptime and lower service costs.

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