Richardson Healthcare Resumes Hands On CT Service Training in September 2020

Richardson Healthcare is proud to offer resources as you prepare to successfully enter the Canon service market.

Mon Jul 27 2020By Richardson Healthcare


Richardson Healthcare is proud to offer our resources as you prepare to successfully enter the Canon service market. Our training program and facility is the premier launching pad for engineers wanting to elevate their skill set to the Aquilion CT series. Our hands-on, comprehensive program will give an overview of the Aquilion CT series and provide training in system operation, installation, preventive maintenance, calibration, diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting and repair. Earn up to 80 CEU credits with our ACI CEU pre-approved CT Service Training courses.


Our facility boasts a uniquely comprehensive learning environment for our trainees, and our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for vital one-on-one instruction. Trainees will go outside the classroom to perform exercises based on real-world service situations. 

The technology is here at our Training Facility, with each Aquilion platform represented. We have all generator (including Spellman), console and HV tank types available – leaving no gaps in the curriculum.


Upon completion of our program, graduates will be able to meet and exceed all service requirements for the Aquilion CT platforms, including:

  • Perform basic system operations, including test scans and diagnostic software. 
  • Identify and know locations of hardware within gantry, console, REC box, CPU box and patient couch.
  • Execute installation, performance checks and verification of all platforms.
  • Perform PM service, including cleaning, calibrations and slip-ring maintenance.
  • Perform system connectivity through DICOM.
  • Troubleshoot and repair major system components using diagnostic software, service manuals and error logs.
  • Replace and repair major system components including the x-ray tube, generator and detector.

COURSE MATERIALS: Technical documentation, Certificate of Completion, on-going access to updated documentation. 

PREREQUISITES: Our program is tailored to the experienced engineer who wishes to elevate and expand their skill set to the Aquilion CT platforms. We cover details and areas specific to the Aquilion series so baseline knowledge of field service is beneficial. 

OBJECTIVES: Upon graduation, trainees will be able to perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot, install, and repair major and subsystem components. 

KEY FEATURES: Low student-to-teacher ratio, all scanners on site, equal time in classroom and hands-on training; on-going technical support. 

TUITION: Two week courses are $7,800 (includes daily lunch, block rate lodging discounts); 25% deposit required upon enrollment. One week courses are offered at $4,500.

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