Continuing Education

Servicing the GE Definium Family: Definium 6000/8000, Discovery XR650/XR656, Optima XR640/XR646

Students learn how to fully service and calibrate these single and dual detector systems.


Start Date: Monday, May 3 2021

End Date: Friday, May 7 2021


The GE Definium Family training course covers a wide variety of GE’s latest DR (Digital Radiography) systems.

The Definium Family course is a skills development course designed to provide the experienced service professional with the skills necessary to fully service and calibrate these single & dual detector systems. All Definium family products are built around the JEDI generator platform. Systems that will be covered in this course include:

  • Definium 6000
  • Definium 8000
  • Discovery XR650
  • Discovery XR656
  • Optima XR640
  • Optima XR646


To attend this course, the service professional must have a good understanding of the principles gained through attending Phase II or two years equivalent experience in servicing RAD equipment.


  • Understand the similarities & difference between the Definium family products.
  • Describe how factors are optimized to produce the highest quality digital images
  • Describe the function of the basic components of each GE Definium family digital radiographic unit
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the installation procedures associated with the GE Definium
  • Perform the necessary digital performance monitoring and quality assurance procedures utilizing the GE Definium
  • Perform all system calibrations and adjustments to maintain the highest quality images
  • Evaluate circuit functions to facilitate troubleshooting
  • Perform a complete and thorough preventive maintenance inspection on the unit

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