Continuing Education

Servicing the Philips Allura XPER FD Family Digital Cath Labs: FD10/FD20

Students will learn how to fully service and calibrate this single/dual detector cath lab system.


Start Date: Tuesday, Apr 6 2021

End Date: Friday, Apr 16 2021


The Philips Allura FD Digital Cath Lab Family course is a skills development course designed to provide the experienced service professional with the skills necessary to fully service and calibrate this single/dual detector cath lab system. The FD20 and FD10 utilize the Velara Generator which is common in other Philips X-ray rooms. Calibrations are accessed through the Field Service Framework platform. 

Note: The class does not cover the 8.2 UNIQ release which is a completely redesigned platform with new detector, generator, etc…


To attend this course, the service professional must have completed RSTI’s Phases I-III or equivalent experience is required. 

Student must bring service PC (with admin privileges) to the class. 


  • Identify all major components of the FD system and understand their function 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the installation procedures associated with the Philips Allura FD family 
  • Perform the necessary digital performance monitoring and quality assurance procedures   
  • Perform all system calibrations and adjustments to maintain the highest quality images  
  • Replace and calibrate certified components 
  • Perform a complete and thorough preventive maintenance inspection on the unit 

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