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BMET to Imaging 1

This two-week course is designed for students entering the Diagnostic Imaging Service Field.

By TriImaging

Start Date: Monday, Mar 1 2021

End Date: Friday, Mar 12 2021


This two-week course is designed for students entering the Diagnostic Imaging Service Field. It will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to operate, service, maintain, and provide basic troubleshooting on today’s complex medical imaging systems. Successful completion of this course also provides students 73 CEUs from the AAMI Credentials Institute for use in maintaining HTM Certifications. Tri-Imaging Solution’s (TIS) BMET to Imaging 1 is a blended learning course, similar to today’s college courses. By combining the prerequisite online learning platform with extensive laboratory time at our state-of-the-art facility, this proven learning environment reduces time away from your facility without compromising quality and effectiveness of the training. At Tri-Imaging we will reduce your training cost and increase your efficiency of service. Hi Intensity Tri-Imaging Training (HITT) – Reducing the gap between training and real-world service thereby “Empowering the Engineer”.


Two-year electronics degree or equivalent experience Completion of provided online course material prior to arrival at facility Course Expectation Students completing the BMET to Imaging 1 course will be productive 1st call imaging technicians familiar with multiple modalities, regulations, maintenance and basic troubleshooting capabilities.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

• Demonstrate and understanding of X-ray theory and X-ray production

• Demonstrate radiation safety as it applies to the patient & the engineer

• Identify the components within X-ray system

• Demonstrate the operation of radiographic, fluoroscopic, and mobile systems

• Understand & demonstrate adjustment to system parameters to produce changes to the final image

• Determine proper understanding and use of radiological testing equipment

• Determine system compliance with current regulations

• Demonstrate an understanding of basic Preventative maintenance and troubleshooting procedures

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