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CT Advanced Service Training

CT Advanced is a 9.5 day course covering GE CT systems. It is an integrated training program including instructor-led, hands on labs, and online training.

By GE Healthcare

Start Date: Monday, Mar 1 2021

End Date: Friday, Mar 12 2021

CT Advanced focuses on in-depth knowledge of GE CT enabling troubleshooting, diagnosis, and corrective actions. Hands on lab activities provide the student the opportunity to practice, apply, and demonstrate their knowledge and service skills across GE CT platforms.

At the end of this course, the service professional will be able to:

  • Perform work according to safety regulations and standards on a CT system
  • Perform basic system setup, scan and image/data manipulation and storage on a CT system
  • Identify common problems on CT systems
  • Complete preventative maintenance according to service schedules, including all necessary documentation
  • Understand CT principles, high level theory, and sub-systems
  • System overview, basic system operation, & configuration
  • Perform dose check
  • Understand error logs
  • Change certain parts, including tube change

Equipment Used in Class

  • Brightspeed (5x)
  • Lightspeed (5x)
  • VCT (7x)
  • Optima 660/660 EVO (Also called “Revolution EVO”)
  • 750HD (Also called “Revolution HD”) or (“Revolution GSI” if it includes the GSI features)
  • In the future, (Q3/4 of 2017) we’ll also move to including “Revolution CT” systems in Proficient. Right now they are only covered in the Revolution CT Advanced course.


Required prerequisite training below:

Separate Purchase:

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