Maull Biomedical Training Announces the ACIST CVi Injector Model is Now Available for Training

A veteran-owned company teaching BMETs how to maintain Contrast Injectors since 2008. Contrast Injector Service Training is all we do!

Fri Jan 01 2021By Maull Biomedical

Maull Biomedical has recently added the ACIST CVi to their library of injector models available for in-class training as well as distance training via their online quizzes and MIST software. The training includes an Introductory Course to Contrast Injectors, model specific operation training, the full PM and calibration procedures with PM check sheets and troubleshooting support.

With the vast quantity of training available on our website and our proprietary MIST maintenance software, we are capable of delivering the best injector training program to you in a live classroom setting as well as virtually right to your laptop with our online quizzes and software. Maull Biomedical can have your BMET ready to start performing PMs in less than 48 hours.

Free PM Kits, Tech Support and a $2500 Credit (and tool kits)

Each student receives free PM kits with each model trained on, unlimited 24x7 tech support and a $2500 credit towards parts and service (no exclusions). We also sell model specific tool kits.

Maull Biomedical YouTube Channel

Visit the Maull Biomedical YouTube Channel to see examples of our operation and troubleshooting videos.

How to get trained

Step 1 – Register with the Website

Go to our website and register (name and email). 

Step 2 - Take the Introduction to Contrast Injectors Course - Free Online

This course teaches the service technician the basics of contrast injectors. The content includes:

  • Description of Angiography
  • Purpose and types of contrast injectors
  • Components of contrast injectors
  • Basic operation of contrast injectors

Step 3 – Take the Model Specific Operation Training - Free Online

This course goes over the specific operation of each model injector. The content includes:

  • Turning the injector On and navigating through the display screens
  • Functions and controls
  • Filling and priming a syringe and connector tubing
  • Programming a protocol
  • Arming the injector and performing an injection

 Step 4 - MIST (Maull Injector Service Tool) Software - $1100 to $1200/model (online or in person) 

Once the service technician has completed the Introductory Course and the Model Specific Operation Course they are ready to be trained on how to perform an Operational Inspection, PM and Calibration/Verification using our MIST Software. The content includes:

  • Model specific Operation, PM and Calibration/Verification procedures.
  • Detailed how-to videos for each maintenance step.
  • PM Report produced when completed.
  • Troubleshooting Videos with hundreds of error codes and error messages.

Training is currently available on the following injector models:

  • Mark 7 Arterion
  • ProVis
  • Stellant
  • Spectris Solaris
  • Mark V Plus
  • Angiomat Illumena
  • OptiVantage
  • CT 9000 ADV (manual only)
  • Envision (manual only)

If you would like more information about our  training program or upcoming classes, contact Steve Maull at

About Maull Biomedical Training: Steve Maull was a BMET in the Air force for 11 years and has been teaching BMETs since 1997. In 2008 he started Maull Biomedical Training and since then has trained over 1600 BMETs on the operation, maintenance and repair of contrast injectors.

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