PM Tip: Clearing the Lines

Deanna Wilkinson is a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) at Columbia Memorial Hospital.

Mon Mar 29 2021By Deanna Wilkinson

When using a Pronk Sim-Cube, Model SC-5, for the purpose of testing NIBPs (Non-Invasive Blood Pressures) on VSMs (Vital Signs Monitors), you might see some lines upon powering up the device (See Figure 1). 

Sometimes, it can be hard for you to clear those lines and get the zeros (See Figure 3). You need to begin taking readings. I found this to be the case on more than one occasion during my first year as a hospital biomed, so I called Pronk for assistance, as I was having a particularly hard time one day!

They told me that the device should be turned on with your “T-Tubes”, which attach between the SimCube and your BP test cuff, NOT connected to the NIBP hose or even the SimCube itself, until you see the zeroes. Sometimes, when turning on the device with the hose connected to the SimCube, but not the NIBP hose, it can be hard to clear those lines.  In that case, take your thumb, put it over the connection to the test cuff and put it over the opening a couple of times (See Figure 2). If that doesn’t work, try powering it on without the t-hose connected to the device. 

I hope this helps someone! It isn’t just a “rookie” problem either; one of my co-workers at the time, a few months after my bad day, had asked me if I knew how to clear those lines. This was a 30+ year veteran biomed, who was very knowledgeable in a lot of issues, and helped me so  very much through my first couple of years!

Thank you so much for your helpful tip, Deanna! Have any tips to share with the community? Fill out the form below!

Figure 1Figure 2
Figure 3

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