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Keep your Medivator Units Running with these Preventative Maintenance Tips

MedWrench recently spoke with RPI's Product Development Engineer, Chris Jacobs, in regards to preventative maintenance tips to keep Medivator units running.

Tue Jun 08 2021By Replacement Parts Industries (RPI)

RPI shares tips on how to prepare for a PM on Medivator units, important steps, troubleshooting ideas, and things to consider after finishing a PM. Have a question for the expert or want to find out more after reading his tips? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to ask Chris Jacobs a question directly.

Medivator DSD EdgeWhat preparation is needed prior to performing a PM on a Medivators unit?

It’s important to have some background knowledge on these machines such as the course through Medivators or at least experience in working on these machines. Make sure to have a full PM kit in stock and that you are not missing any items such as some specialized tools like the John Guest Collet Release Wrench that may be needed for the PM. As a final note, ensure you check with the staff that operates the machine to find out the last time each of the 5 filters were replaced and order some if necessary.

How long should I give myself to complete a PM on these machines?

If this is your first time, I would give yourself a 6-hour window to perform the PM. Most of your time will be taken up removing the components from the machine rather than the actual replacement of the PM items.

What are some important first steps in the PM process?

If you are performing a PM on a DSD-201 or a DSD Edge it is important to flush the unit. You will also need access to the main water inlet shutoff valve to stop incoming water before draining the 0.2 micron filter housing. Lastly, always unplug the unit prior to removing any components.RPI PM Kits to fit Medivator
DSD 201 & DSD Edge

When do I relieve pressure from the air tank?

With DSD-201 units, you can bleed the tank any time after disconnecting power and prior to the PM. For the DSD Edge units, you still need to disconnect power but the tank will empty after removal of the SSG system.

Do I have to remove the ¾-inch drain valve manifold to replace the valve kits?

I get this one a lot, "is it required?" In short, no, but I do recommend that you remove it because alignment of the new valves can be crucial to proper functionality of the valves.

RPI PM Kit Detailed Instructions BookletOne of the diaphragms keeps getting stuck what am I doing wrong?

Chances are you are using too much Loctite when installing the new diaphragm kits. It is very important to use the Loctite in extremely small amounts. The other option might be that the O-rings inside the Fabco valve actuator are in need of lubrication. Open the sticking valve and add a small amount of grease to all 3 O-rings.

Is there an easier way to remove the screw on the Fabco valves?

The use of a low profile wrench can help immensely instead of tearing off the diaphragm and using Vice-Grips.

If I pull out an insert while removing the screws for the Fabco valves is there a way to reseal it to the manifold?

No, not one that I would recommend at least. Unfortunately, this happens when over torquing the screws for the Fabco valves and can even come from the factory that way only to be found on your first PM. I would recommend replacement of the main manifold to avoid any leaks.

How do I know which way the check valves go into the main manifolds?Manifold Exploded View

There are small knurled marks on one edge of the check valves, the knurled edge must go into the main manifold and not the smaller manifold.

What are some things to consider after finishing a PM?

The waterline disinfection must be completed, but this is also a good time to check on your drain times and run a leak test.

How can our RPI PM kit make performing a PM easier?

At RPI, we always try to add “extra value” to our parts and kits to make servicing equipment easier for technicians. For instance, included with each of the RPI PM Kits to fit the Medivators units are a set of step-by-step PM instructions complete with detailed photos of the pertinent insides of the unit. As an added bonus, we include an Exploded View of the entire manifold as well as of the valve rebuild kits. What’s more, RPI now offers the manifolds, manifold assemblies, and valve block assemblies. In addition, the RPI kits include a low-profile wrench for easy removal of the screw on the Fabco valves instead of having to tear off the diaphragm and use Vice-Grips. And, don’t forget that all parts in these kits are also sold separately, making it easy to order just one part when needed.

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