Continuing Education

Servicing the Philips BV-Pulsera C-Arms

Students will learn how to troubleshoot system failures and restore it to operation.


Start Date: Monday, Aug 15 2022

End Date: Friday, Aug 19 2022


This course is designed to provide the advanced service professional with the skills and knowledge to maintain the Philips BV-Pulsera at the highest state of readiness. All adjustments will be discussed to establish optimum performance criteria. Theory and hands on sessions will develop the skills necessary to troubleshoot system failures and restore it to operation.


To attend this course, the service professional must have good fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles gained through attendance at our Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III X-ray courses or equivalent field experience.


At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Operate the Philips BV-Pulsera
  • Identify all systems, subsystems and components of the Philips BV-Pulsera
  • Verify power supplies for accuracy and function
  • Service and calibrate system batteries and charger circuits
  • Utilize all communication interfaces to calibrate and evaluate the systems
  • Evaluate the performance of the X-ray generator, imaging and workstation sections of each system
  • Calibrate and adjust all components of the X-ray generator, imaging chain and workstation
  • Utilize all diagnostic indicators to troubleshoot system failures
  • Restore the system to proper functional state following a system failure
  • Evaluate and repair mechanical systems

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