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Tue Aug 01 2023By KennedyKrieg

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Previous entries:

"Best practice for the use of any pressure measurement device is to start-up/zero the device with NOTHING connected. This eliminates the possibility of the device self-calibrating to a false (not quite) 'zero'." - Jim Munro

"Take your time! Even though it can be hard with everything else going on, it is worth it." - Derrick Adams, Imaging Service Specialist III

"Service your equipment like it will be put on your family tomorrow." - Fred Jamarillo, Category Manager

"They told me that the device should be turned on with your “T-Tubes”, which attach between the SimCube and your BP test cuff, NOT connected to the NIBP hose or even the SimCube itself, until you see the zeroes. Sometimes, when turning on the device with the hose connected to the SimCube, but not the NIBP hose, it can be hard to clear those lines.  In that case, take your thumb, put it over the connection to the test cuff and put it over the opening a couple of times. If that doesn’t work, try powering it on without the t-hose connected to the device." - Deanna Wilkinson

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" - Kelly Walker, Advanced Imaging System Engineer

"Use your Computerize Medical Maintenance Software (CMMS). Today’s CMMS have many automated capabilities that will allow automated delivery of the work order to the originator and their leader." - Tony Cody

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