BMET PACK PRO Portable Test Equipment Now Available with Mobilize Wireless Automation

The BMET PACK PRO combines an Automated Electrical Safety Analyzer, complete vital signs simulation, IV pump analyzer with pressure / temperature meter and all standard accessories into a customizable pack. A new wireless automation option, Pronk Mobilize, offers greater accuracy and simplicity in testing for biomedical engineers on the go.

Wed Aug 03 2022By Pronk Technologies

The BMET PACK PRO makes it easier than ever to travel with the latest test equipment between hospitals and clinics. The Pronk Simulators (SimCube® NIBP, OxSim Flex® SpO2, SimSlim® Multi-Parameter), Safe-T Sim® Automated Safety Analyzer, and FlowTrax® IV Pump Analyzer with pressure/temperature meter are bundled together in a compact pack with room for a 15.6-in. PC/tablet. With the Mobilize option, the BMET PACK PRO gains an added dimension of wireless automation that brings dramatic reductions in testing time plus significant gains in accuracy. Mobilize captures all testing data, generating a complete electronic test report plus many additional features.
Key Features Include:
  • Automated Safety Analyzer
  • Complete Vital Signs Simulation System
    • 12-Lead ECG: 0, 30-240 BPM in 5-digit increments
    • Respiration: 0-100 BrPM in 1-digit increments
    • Arrhythmia
    • SpO2 - Any Saturation, Pulse Rate and Perfusion level
    • NIBP/IBP Systolic: 6-230 mmHg in 5-digit increments
    • NIBP/IBP Diastolic: 30-190 mmHg in 5-digit increments
    • Digital Manometer 
    • 4 IBP Channels
    • YSI Temperature
    • Cardiac Output
  • Hand-held IV Pump Analyzer & Pressure / Temp Meter / Digital Timer & Stopwatch
  • BMET PACK with customized, padded compartments
  • Battery powered, 50x-drop rugged, made in USA, 4-yr standard warranty
  • All standard accessories included
  • OPTION: Mobilize Wireless Solution connects Pronk test equipment to your smart device!*
    • All work captured into detailed Electronic Records
    • Complete control and data capture from your smart device - no license fees!
    • Instantly sets testing values across all devices wirelessly
    • Runs user-defined or manufacturers' recommended checklists
* Currently available for Apple iOS. Android and Windows apps available with limited features. Complete Mobilize Android and Windows app is in development. Safe-T Sim Mobilize and other Mobilize products available for sale in North America.

Visit for more information about the BMET PACK PRO and Pronk Mobilize.

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