FOBI Medical recently introduced FOBI Now! at the June AAMI conference.

FOBI Medical recently introduced FOBI Now! at the June AAMI conference.

Mon Aug 15 2022By FOBI Medical

FOBI Medical recently introduced FOBI Now! at the June AAMI conference.

“A first-of-its-kind mobile application for the biomed industry, FOBI Now! makes researching parts or service simple and quick,” according to a press release. “The easy-to-use application saves time by offering a new way to find solutions for parts and service issues. Simply open the phone application, request what you need then get back to the critical tasks you need to accomplish. FOBI’s customer service associates will research solutions for you.”

Justin Barbour, vice president of business development at FOBI Medical, was the driving force behind FOBI Now!.

“After watching how many hours were spent by technicians just to research parts or service providers, I knew there had to be a better way. Technicians are most efficient when their time is spent on actual equipment maintenance,” Barbour said.

According to the press release, FOBI Now! eliminates time spent on research allowing biomeds to complete more critical tasks. It reduces the stress and frustration of trying to locate what is needed and gives biomeds a “virtual” partner to help find the solutions needed.

For years, FOBI Medical has focused on providing customers a way to maximize their technician’s value while meeting their customers’ needs. As Keith Przybyla, president of FOBI Medical explains, “FOBI Now! is just another way FOBI Medical is distinguishing itself as a leader in the healthcare technology management field.”

FOBI Now! is live and free. Simply search the app store on a smartphone. Then, follow the easy steps to download and start saving time. For more information about FOBI Now!, visit

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