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PACS Troubleshooting Techniques (3 Days)

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Start Date: Tuesday, Dec 13 2022

End Date: Thursday, Dec 15 2022


The PACS Troubleshooting Techniques course will teach the imaging engineer the technical skills necessary to understand help resolve “finger pointing” issues that resolve in today’s medical imaging departments. Students will learn to isolate problem areas between systems where vendor A blames vendor B, and vendor B blames vendor A. These issues can be time consuming and expensive to resolve, as there is no subject matter expert in the middle to determine which system is causing the issue.

We will begin with basic hardware troubleshooting between systems, then use tools such as DICOM emulators and network sniffers to analyze traffic between the problematic systems.


The seasoned service professional must have a basic understanding of computer fundamentals, be able to navigate windows operating system, and imaging experience on various modalities. Students are required to bring their own laptop.


Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Cut any PACS communication problem in half by eliminating one system or the other
  • Perform day-to-day network troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate understanding of architecture and communication between modalities
  • Recognize DICOM and software related transmission problems
  • Implement and troubleshoot specific problems using software emulators
  • Implement and troubleshoot specific problems using non-invasive network sniffers

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