AAMI Update: Two New Partnerships for International Healthcare Technology Management

As part of its ongoing mission to ensure the safe and effective use of medical devices across the health technology industry, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAM) has launched two new and globally reaching partnerships.

Mon Jan 09 2023By AAMI

AAMI Resources to Aid Mexico

An official agreement has been signed between the Mexican Hospital Consortium (CMH), TINC, and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), creating a new Alliance for Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) in Mexico.

The Alliance’s main objective is the development of six projects related to HTM within 2023, which will be implemented in the 52 hospitals affiliated to CMH:

1. Standardization of medical device nomenclatures and identification codes

2. Development of a HTM Body of Knowledge / Body of Practice

3. Development of a HTM Levels Guide for CMH Hospitals

4. Development and implementation of a HTM Maturity Model Assessment Tool

5. Development and implementation of a HTM Maturity Model Training Program

6. Development and implementation of a HTM Benchmarking Model for CMH Hospitals

The results of these projects will provide an operational framework for CMH to generate high-impact health technology initiatives, which include the standardization of regional service providers, medical equipment mass procurement, professional certification programs, and more.

Similar health technology resources created by AAMI have helped guide the betterment of HTM practices in North America. Now, through this international Alliance, new resources shall be developed to account for Mexico’s unique health technology needs.

“AAMI is very excited to bring our HTM Maturity Model to Mexico,” said Danielle McGeary, vice president of HTM, AAMI. “Through this joint project with CMH and TINC, together we will be able to create a mechanism to elevate and standardize the important work of clinical engineers across the country. This will lead to better operational efficiencies and increased patient safety via the use and management of health technology for all the patients CMH serves.”

About TINC
TINC CMMS was born as the first computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) focused 100% on the life cycle management of medical equipment in Latin American institutions. TINC now helps more than 600 health organizations and companies to evaluate the feasibility of medical technology, make better decisions, reduce costs and increase patient safety.

About CMH
The Mexican Hospital Consortium is a private hospital group of 52 independent hospitals in the Mexican Republic. These hospitals are united in a strategic alliance to improve competitiveness, strengthen operation and business development, and take advantage of the opportunities of a globalized health sector environment.

A Partner for Beyond the Americas

AAMI and the Global Clinical Engineering Alliance (GCEA) have announced a partnership that will allow the organizations, which are both committed to serving the global clinical engineering (CE) and the HTM communities, to jointly improve patient care experiences through the development and distribution of content and programs for their members and other health care stakeholders worldwide.

Working together, the organizations will identify ways to make AAMI tools and resources available for the international audience, as well as identify areas where the co-development of needed tools and resources can support the growth of the field from a worldwide perspective.

“GCEA brings together a rapidly growing community of clinical engineering practitioners. Reaching that global audience is a core element of AAMI’s mission to advance safety in health technology. Our partnership with GCEA will generate more value out of the tools and resources we are already creating and bring more stakeholders with significant expertise to the AAMI community. This is a wonderful development for everyone involved,” said Robert Burroughs, chief learning and development officer at AAMI.

“With both organizations having a commitment to CE and HTM, AAMI and GCEA are natural partners. We share in one another’s mission and, like so many around the four corners of the world, we look forward to the important outcomes from this collaboration with AAMI,” said Yadin David, interim president of the GCEA, and member of its Founders Council.

Potential areas of collaboration include the translation of AAMI materials into multiple languages, co-distribution of content created by each organization, and the development of new tools and resources designed to help the wider CE/HTM community of professionals across the world.

“The HTM/CE professions is truly an international community. By coming together, as one global community, we can raise the bar on the practices for these professionals and improve outcomes for patients all around the world,” said McGeary.

About GCEA
GCEA’s mission is to serve the international community of Clinical Engineering professionals by promoting research and sharing best practices through collaboration with health care stakeholders. Launched in 2020, the organization’s goal is “to educate and advocate through global CE alliances by serving as One Voice, for One Field, for All Patients and staff Everywhere!”

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