Ben C. Photo Contest

Meet Ben Calibrating, also known as Ben C.

Tue Jan 16 2024By KennedyKrieg

Who is Ben Calibrating?

Ben Calibrating, or Ben C. for short, is the face of MedWrench! While he may just be a small lego figure, you can find him all over the world. Is he helping fix broken equipment at your facility? Is he fighting off sharks at the beach? Is he crowdsurfing at a concert? The possibilities are endless!

How Does Ben C. Do These Amazing Things?

That's where you come in to play! At MedWrench we have an ongoing contest to see where Ben C. is traveling to and what he's been up to! Here's how you can participate:

  • Step 1: Like the MedWrench FacebookLinkedIn pages
  • Step 2: Post your picture of Ben C using the hashtag #BenC
  • Step 3: Post a funny caption with your picture telling us what Ben C. is up to
  • Step 4: Make sure you tag @MedWrench in your post so our team can see it

How Do I Get a Ben C. and enter the contest?

You can find Ben C. at the MedWrench booth at various trade shows and expos across the country, throughout the year. There will also be opportunities to win a lego Ben C. that you can learn about on our social media accounts. If you want to participate, but don't have your own Ben C. don't worry! Print out the cutout in this blog to take your own pictures with him! You can check out the upcoming expos and events he will be at.

Each month, we will announce a winner on social media, with a prize of a $25 Amazon gift card!!

Don't have a Ben C. just yet? Save this cutout to your desktop and print!

Submit your photo here.

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