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Located in Orange County, California, Medical Equipment Doctor (MED) specializes in the sale, purchase, rental, and repair of refurbished medical devices and instruments.

Mon Sep 11 2023By Medical Equipment Doctor

Located in Orange County, California, Medical Equipment Doctor (MED) specializes in the sale, purchase, rental, and repair of refurbished medical devices and instruments. In 2017, industry veteran and the Doctor himself, Albert Negron, set out on his own to start a company in his garage with nothing but one plastic folding table, two Home Depot orange buckets, and 10 years of medical device sales experience. He made a logo, applied his expertise and with that, Operation: MED was underway.

Today, gone are the times wherein going to work involves pressing a clicker to reveal orange buckets hiding behind a garage door. In fact, the company augmented in a second unit within its HQ building in Tustin, California, earlier this year.

The most exciting facet of MED’s expansion is an in-house endoscope and ultrasound probes repair depot, which celebrated its launch in April 2023. At the hands of industry-renowned technicians, several with notably over 20 years of repair experience, Medical Equipment Doctor will sell and repair both large and small scopes, not to forget your rigid models as well.

In all domestic hospitals, GI labs, and surgery centers alike, MED knows how vital functioning endoscopes are to not only facilities’ revenue, but to their patients moreover. Because of this, they are dedicated to making sure when equipment, you don’t have to miss a step. When you send in for a repair, Medical Equipment Doctor provides you with an interim loaner device, offering same-day delivery or next-day shipping for centers outside of the local region.

In conjunction with its competitive pricing, MED’s endoscope repair depot offers free evaluations and some of the quickest return times in the industry. Above all, they do everything they can to ensure you don’t have to halt any procedures at the hands of broken equipment.

In the five short years since setting up shop, Albert has instituted an eminent company founded on a basis that centralizes culture, growth and community. MED’s holistic scope of service, from rental to repair, is dedicated to helping hospitals and surgery centers sustain and fulfill their working needs. With the Doctor’s help, clinicians are able to stay fully equipped so they can continue to provide the best patient care possible.

“Our focus at Medical Equipment Doctor is to partner with you to keep your budget and costs in check through providing top-level pre-owned equipment sales, service and rental, for all your medical equipment needs. This has our company being recognized nationally as the affordable solution to purchasing new. Over the years we have had the good fortune to get to know many of you in the health care and medical equipment industry,” Albert said. “It has been a true pleasure. “

“The name of our company came from people referring to us at trade shows and gatherings as their; ‘Medical Equipment Doctor’ so we carried it forward into our name and brand,” he added. “We are passionate about what we do and always keep the safety and comfort of the patients that use our equipment at the forefront of every step we take and the care with which we approach it. Let’s connect and discuss your needs and how we can partner up with you on all your medical equipment needs.”

Included in the different kinds of equipment MED services are:

  • Patient monitoring
  • Infusion pumps
  • Surgical equipment
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Cables
  • Imaging equipment

As we approach the back half of the year, Medical Equipment Doctor is excited to announce that the company is currently on track to have its ISO 13485 certification by the end of 2023. Each month, the MED team members continue to surpass their goals and reach new heights. The aim remains to serve the community to the highest of their ability. One thing that sets them apart from all of the others is their dedication to customer service. All salesmen, technicians, and everything in between are all under the same roof, working tirelessly to ensure the best quality and the quickest turnaround times possible for biomedical equipment.

Above all, Medical Equipment Doctor cares. Though not working directly with the patients themselves, the main driver in being motivated for success is the role they get to play in helping people. Healthcare takes a village, and from the mouth of the Doctor and former Home-Depot-bucket-in-garage owner himself, “You take care of the patient, we’ll take care of the equipment!”

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