BAMF Health, GE HealthCare Collaborate Regarding Theranostics

Tue Nov 14 2023By KennedyKrieg

As demand for Theranostic care increases, GE HealthCare and BAMF Health are excited to announce a collaboration aimed at enabling BAMF Health to scale turnkey offerings inclusive of leading GE HealthCare technologies and services. The goal of the collaboration is to ensure an agile go-to-market approach to enhance the adoption of Theranostics solutions in the U.S. The arrangement supports a shared interest in better patient outcomes made possible through advanced diagnostics and radiotherapeutics.


Theranostics in molecular imaging uses both imaging technology and targeted therapies to identify and treat diseases such as cancer as well as monitor response to treatment; the term originates from the way this form of personalized medicine is practiced – the combination of therapy and diagnostics.


“The targeted nature of Theranostics has begun showing crucial improvements in personalized care for patients battling complex cancers and we see vast opportunities for additional care areas such as Alzheimer’s disease,” BAMF Health CEO Dr. Anthony Chang said. “This new way of working together with GE HealthCare will allow us to drive innovation in this fast-moving space.”


Connecting all phases of the Theranostics care pathway, from drug development through disease diagnosis and treatment monitoring, with scalable solutions, connectivity and advanced imaging technologies, is critical to helping clinicians and health systems bring Theranostics treatments to more patients. The collaboration between GE HealthCare and BAMF Health will leverage both partners’ deep understanding of the complexities of delivering Theranostic care to establish a framework to support the scalable infrastructure and clinical solutions for expanded adoption of precision care.


“GE HealthCare’s holistic approach to Theranostics brings together critical teams, data and decision-making needed to deliver precise, personalized care for patients,” shares Catherine Estrampes, president and CEO, GE HealthCare in U.S. and Canada. “Together with BAMF Health we are thrilled to draw upon our shared expertise to advance the adoption and integration of Theranostics care.”


As the only health care industry partner with solutions spanning from cyclotrons, chemistry synthesis, pharmaceutical diagnostics, PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT, and advanced oncology and digital solutions, GE HealthCare is uniquely positioned to cover the full breadth of the patient care journey. BAMF Health is similarly positioned to advance the practice of Theranostics by utilizing their expertise to partner with health systems across the country to scale molecular imaging and Theranostics, making this new treatment affordable to patients and accessible to clinicians.

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