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Mon Apr 01 2024By TechNation Magazine

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The upcoming HTM Mixer in Indianapolis includes a wealth of valuable educational offerings pending ACI-approval for continuing education credits.

Free registration for hospital employees, military and students includes access to all of the sessions. Register today at

The educational sessions offered include:

  • The Importance of ACI Certification

This presentation will provide detailed insight on the benefits of acquiring, qualifications, and expectations on maintaining certification.

  • Introduction to Contrast Injectors

This course will teach the purpose of contrast injectors, the principles of why the different parameters are selected when performing an injection and the general components of contrast injectors as well as general operations and items of interest when performing preventative maintenance.

  • Are You Maximizing Potential with Your CMMS? 6 Ways to Evaluate Your ROI

Healthcare technology professionals are relying on their CMMS software more than ever before for operational and regulatory compliance, managing a complete asset inventory, and maintaining medical equipment.

  • How HTM Departments Can Prepare for Right-to-Repair Changes

Decision-makers must assess the quality practices of potential third-party partners to ensure reliable replacement parts, keeping devices operational, facilities compliant, and patients safe.

  • HTM Insight: Longitudinal Analysis of Maintenance & Repair

This session presents useful data from a new study that quantifies factors impacting cost, quality and productivity.

  • Comparing Phaco Systems

Participants will learn the differences and similarities of different Phaco systems.

  • All in the Family: Building Teams by Bridging Generational and Demographic Gaps

Never have HTM staffs been comprised of such diverse generational, experiential, and demographic backgrounds. Join us as we explore the nuances of effective communication within diverse teams.

  • Becoming an Expert in Service

A presentation of several topics that will provide insight into becoming an expert in service.

  • Give Me an Hour, And I Will Get Your Day Back

Join me as we share time and work management systems and hacks.

  • Challenges of a One-man Biomed Shop at a Critical Access Facility

Learn what it takes to run a one-man biomed department at a critical access facility.

  • Making Sense of Cybersecurity for HTM

The objective of this presentation is to give HTM professionals actionable risk reduction actions for cybersecurity.

  • AIAT & Service Access for Modern Diagnostic Imaging Systems (Right to Repair)

This presentation is designed to provide today’s medical imaging service engineers with an overview of service access used on modern imaging systems.

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