Supreme Court Ruling May Impact Right to Repair

Tue Jul 02 2024By KennedyKrieg

By a vote of 6-3, the Supreme Court overruled its landmark 1984 decision in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, also known as the Chevron doctrine. Under Chevron, if Congress has not directly addressed the question at the center of a dispute, a court was required to uphold the agency’s interpretation of the statute as long as it was reasonable.

The Associated Press reported, “Executive branch agencies will likely have more difficulty regulating the environment, public health, workplace safety and other issues under a far-reaching decision by the Supreme Court.”

“The court’s 6-3 ruling on Friday overturned a 1984 decision colloquially known as Chevron that has instructed lower courts to defer to federal agencies when laws passed by Congress are not crystal clear,” the AP report added.

This recent United States Supreme Court ruling will impact health care in many ways. It may shift recent Right to Repair shifts in the nation.

The Copyright Office issues exemptions for DMCA Section 1201. These include some right to repair issues among many others. The court’s ruling could set the stage for a legal battle over the right to repair exemptions.

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