Preventative Maintenance and Common Problems with Contrast Media Injector Systems

The average lifespan of Contrast Media Injector Systems typically runs from 5 to 7 years; however, with regular preventative maintenance the life of a contrast media injector system can be extended.

Tue Apr 10 2012By Kaylee McCaffrey

Contrast media injector systems, though rarely touted as the most coveted piece of equipment in their department, play a vital role. They introduce observable substances at specific locations throughout the human body.   The average lifespan of these devices typically run from 5 to 7 years; however, with regular preventative maintenance the life of a contrast media injector system can be extended.

Performance testing to ensure the equipment is operating according to factory specifications should be conducted at least annually, though some feel bi-annually is better for devices in high demand areas.

Electrical safety should be tested at this time, as well, to make sure there is no threat of shock or other hazards. Regularly scheduled maintenance should also include cleaning cases, checking cables, lights and internals, and replacing any damaged parts.

From time to time a more serious problem will occur. Below is a listing of the most common issues that arise for contrast media injector systems.


  1. Contrast dripping onto optical sensors – In this case the casing should be removed, and the contrast fluid should be swabbed with an alcohol pad.  The cleaned internals should be thoroughly dried before repowering the system.
  2. Cable and connection issues – Due to their daily usage, contrast media injectors can experience cable or connection issues. Pulling, rolling and heavy use can result in cables breaking, fraying or kinking, causing them to be replaced.
  3. A leak – Once the source is determined, the piece should be replaced, and all surrounding internals should be properly cleaned, dried, and then repowered.


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Jayme McKelvey
Account Executive
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