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CaridianBCT - Spectra Optia

The Spectra Optia system is based on trusted COBE Spectra technology as well as the proven Trima platform.

Kuraray Medical - KPS-8800Ce

Plasmapheresis can be applied to the patients who are resistant to certain kinds of medicines, like steroids.

Haemonetics - Cymbal

The Cymbal system is automated red cell collection technology that allows blood collectors to collect two units of red cells from a single donor.

Haemonetics - MCS+ LN 8150

Blood collection centers throughout the world are facing difficult times as they strive to improve the safety of the blood supply.

Haemonetics - PCS2

The PCS2 system is Haemonetics latest technology for the collection of plasma and flexible protocols allow for the collection of "jumbo" units

CaridianBCT - COBE Spectra

The COBE Spectra Apheresis System is versatile, giving you procedural control to manage the specific needs of each patient.

CaridianBCT - Trima Accel Automated Blood

The automated collections possible with the Trima Accel Collection System means you pick and choose what to collect from an individual donor.
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