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APEL - BR-5200

Dual Wavelength Total Bilirubin Meter for Neonates.

Reichert Technologies - UNISTAT Bilirubinometer

Providing measurement of bilirubin levels in less than 5 seconds.   

APEL - BR-5000N

Dual wavelength total bilirubinmeter

Advanced Instruments - BR2

For Total Bilirubin and Direct Bilirubin Measurement.

Bertocchi - GB 13/B

The GB13B bilirubinmeters are the instruments for laboratories, the bilirubinmeters can be used in Neonatological and Obstetrics departments.

Ginevri - One Beam

The One Beam with it’s ease of use and remarkable precision, gives the precise information on bilirubin levels and support which the Doctors need.

Philips - BiliChek

Test bilirubin levels without regard to gender, gestational age, or bodyweight — and without needing a blood sample
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