Nuclear Medicine-Gamma Camera

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GE HealthCare - NM/CT 870 DR

Leading clinical discovery is about improving care for as many patients as possible, which is exactly what NM/CT 870 DR was designed to do.

GE HealthCare - NM/CT 860

The ideal balance of CT performance and clinical capability 

GE HealthCare - NM/CT 850

NM/CT 850 is our most accessible SPECT/CT system.

GE HealthCare - Discovery NM750b

The Discovery* NM750b is a dedicated breast imaging device that is accessible and comfortable.

GE HealthCare - Optima NM/CT 640

Meet the Optima NM/CT 640-a powerful combination of precision and performance. Its next-generation technology delivers on healthcare’s SPECT/CT needs

GE HealthCare - Brivo NM615

The Brivo* NM615 SPECT-optimized collimators and ultra-high count rate affordably deliver precise lesion detection.
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