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Boston Scientific - ALTRUA Family

The ALTRUA family of pacemakers deliver the benefits of natural pacing by accurately sensing and responding to the body’s signals.

Boston Scientific - ACCOLADE and ESSENTIO

Boston Scientific's most advanced pacemakers are now MR-conditional.

Medtronic - 5392

The dual chamber model 5392 is the next generation temporary pacemaker with both single and dual chamber pacing capability.

Medtronic - 5391

The single-chamber model is defined by its light weight, ease of operation, durability, and dependability.

Medtronic - 5375

The Metronic 5375 is one of the premier external pacemakers. 

Medtronic - 5348

The Medtronic 5348 is a single-chamber temporary pacemaker that helps produce a healthy rhythm via precise electrical signals through wires that connect directly to the patient's heart.

Pace Medical - 4570 pacemaker

4570 MICRO-PACE programmable, dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemaker.

Pace Medical - 4170 Bedside pacemaker

The Bedside Model 4170, single-chamber temporary cardiac pacemaker, is housed in a rugged metal case and has a new generation, high-accuracy, digital electronic circuitry.

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