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GE HealthCare - Discovery LS

The GE Discovery LS PET/CT product is a state-of-the-art integrated CT and PET scanner.

GE HealthCare - ACQC

Help ensure proper cardiac registration between PET and CT acquisitions with Attenuation Correction Quality Control.

GE HealthCare - Discovery IQ

GE Healthcares latest PET/CT innovation delivers both excellent image quality and consistent quantitation, without compromise.

GE HealthCare - Discovery PET/CT 710

Discovery PET/CT 610 and 710 are the first double-digit sensitivity PET/ CT scanners, with an absolute sensitivity of 10cps/kBq1.

GE HealthCare - Discovery PET/CT 610

As a healthcare provider, users are focused on finding the most effective treatment, based on each patient’s response.

GE HealthCare - Discovery LS4

State-of-the-Art Integrated Computed Tomography and Positron Emission Tomography Scanner.

GE HealthCare - Discovery VCT

GE Healthcare has combined two of their most clinically relevant innovations to help deliver the ultimate diagnostic imaging tool: dynamic, gated PET and volumetric CT.

GE HealthCare - Discovery STE

It began with a vision. A vision to help shape a new age of healthcare, in which disease will be better understood so it can be detected and diagnosed early with confidence

GE HealthCare - Discovery PET/CT 690

Take molecular imaging beyond the clinical practice with the GE Discovery PET/CT 690 – designed to help users forge the future of PET/CT.

GE HealthCare - Discovery PET/CT 600

The Discovery PET/CT 600 delivers truly powerful options to help ensure clinical success.

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