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Maxtec - Tecotherm Neo

Fully programmable monitoring and stabilizing of body temperature.

  • Programmed hypothermia protocol
  • Baby servo controlled
  • Cools or warms

American Diagnostic Corporation - Adtemp" Ultra 417

ADC's Adtemp Ultra 417 digital stick thermometer uses predictive technology for a two-second oral reading.

American Diagnostic Corporation - Adtemp" 429

ADC's Adtemp 429 noncontact thermometer features an infrared sensor that reads temperature from the middle of the forehead with no skin contact required.

Covidien - Filac FasTemp

With the Filac™ FasTemp™ Electronic predictive thermometer, you no longer have to choose between speed and accuracy.

Covidien - Filac 3000 EZ

The Filac™ 3000 EZ electronic thermometer

Covidien - Filac 3000 AD

The Filac™ 3000 AD electronic thermometer
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