MacMedical - 5th Wheel Eye Stretcher
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5th Wheel Eye Stretcher

The new PTF2000-EYE 5th Wheel Eye Stretcher offers the best blend of features, value, ergonomics, and customer support in the industry. The dual articulating head attachment allows for optimal head clearance and surgeon access. In addition, the retractable center fifth wheel mobility allows for increased control, ease of use, and safety.

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[list]      [*] Quick adjustment dual articulating head attachment      [*] Retractable center fifth wheel provides effortless directional movement and cornering  [*] Ergonomically located oxygen tank holder      [*] Effortless steering, pivoting, and cornering with 8″ Tente casters (4 swiveling)  [*] 5 brake/steer pedals      [*] Dual pedestal lift mechanism      [*] Lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides      [*] Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg (+/- 18°)      [*] Dual Fowler assisted lift back rest with 90° adjustability      [*] Fold forward side rails with built in push handles  [*] 2 hook removable telescopic IV pole      [*] 6 IV pole sockets available      [*] Large storage area underneath for patient belongings      [*] Perimeter bumper to protect your walls and fixtures      [*] 4 restraint belt locations      [/list]


MacMedical - PTF2000-Eye

MacMedical - PTF2000-Eye-31

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