Rigel Medical - PatSim200
Manufactured by Rigel Medical

The PatSim200 from Rigel was designed to make every patient simulation quicker.

Unlike other Patient Simulator models, the PatSim uses a home and recall function to easily move between tests and store your most used sequences, no more clicking and scrolling through 'tree style' hierarchy to perform each test. 
One of the most unique features of the PatSim200 is the ability to save 5 of your most used simulations and recall them at the touch of just 2 buttons. 
The unit itself is compact, lightweight and the full colour screen with easily altered high contrast low luminance lighting means adapting the unit for use in low lighting environments is simple. On top of these great features we've also ensured that the PatSim200 comes with universal ECG studs and mini DIN connectors so the cost to change your Patient Simulators over to the PatSim200 won't spiral out of control – our unit will work with the legacy IBP and temperature cables you already have.

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Rigel PatSim200 Patient Simulator


  1. 12 lead NSR ECG simulation     
  2. Over 40 selectable Arrhythmias     
  3. Performance waveforms     
  4. Respiration simulation on lead I & II     
  5. Universal temperature simulation     
  6. Two channel IBP simulation     
  7. Onscreen waveform display for quick reference     
  8. Universal ECG studs to connect with the widest possible range of cables     
  9. Large colour display with intuitive navigation     
  10. Store and recall the 5 most used simulations with the touch of a button     
  11. Dedicated home navigation button     
  12. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 8 hours of operations between charges     
  13. High contrast and low luminance colour display for minimal disruption in critical or intensive care environments     

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UK innovators take patient simulator to worldwide market

Rigel Medical, which has a USA office in Tampa, FL, aims to broaden its worldwide market share with its latest patient simulator technology.

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