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Hair Removal

The MeDioStar NeXT takes laser hair removal to a whole new level, with state of the art technology to ensure a fast, virtually painless procedure.     
The MeDioStar NeXT is one of the most powerful high-speed laser hair removal devices on the market today, the XL model is able to treat an entire average male back in around 5 minutes! The device’s dual wavelength combines with smooth pulse technology to quickly and comfortably treat a wide range of skin concerns.     
Fiber bundle delivery ensures the flattest beam available. Contact skin cooling is performed by a peltier cooling chip which monitors skin temperature providing greater patient comfort than the standard sapphire cooling system for laser hair removal.

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-Jyoti Malik
9 days ago
Touch screen
My device touch screen is not working. Can you guide. If needed can u send a new or refurbished touch screenReply
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Wavelength800 - 950 nm
Laser TypeDiode
Height60 cm
Length 46 cm
Weight35 kg
Width36.5 cm

Additional Specifications

Pulse duration: Up to 400 ms 
Delivery: Fiber bundle array, sapphire tip 
Frequency: Up to 12 Hz

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