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The Candela GentleLase Plus is capable of treating finer, thinner hairs and has a max fluence at its shortest pulse duration.

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18 days ago
Service manual
I want service manual because in have problem , 1 minute the machine stops Working , i think they need service and i want do it to my Friend ,het is elektrical specialistReply


2 months ago
LOW COOLANT message on startup
Hello! we have a used 2002 gentlelase plus. The first time we added distilled water to the reservoir and it functioned normally, we were able to do a calibration of the handpiece and fired off a few test shots at 10 J. We turned it off then back on a few minutes later and it started displaying "low coolant" and starts counting seconds and minutes. (we turn it off immediately of course.) upon investigation, we found glass fragments in the water reservoir (most likely from a blown out flashlamp. we will be taking it apart to replace the lamp if so) The level of distilled water added is correct. We even drained the water and added new water and it still displays the same message. Therefore, someone suggested that the "low coolant" message might mean the system is not cooling the distilled water hence the water got too hot and the flashlamp may have blown as a result. so we do not want to replace the lamp and then have it blow out also before resolving the "low coolant" issue. we did notice that the big fan on what looks like a radiator that the water passes through to probably cool it, does not turn on when the system is turned on. (so is the radiator fan supposed to turn on as soon as the system turns on?) however we tested the fan separately out of the system and it does work when supplied with 24 V. if ANYONE has any insight on the "low coolant" message issue please let us know! it may also be possible that a board component or relay or something went bad and is not turning on the cooling system?? or is "low coolant" a problem with the the water level sensor inside the reservoir tank?? ANY input would be helpful! Thank you so much! Jessica :) Reply


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2 years ago
Looking for a Service ManualReply
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Wavelength755 nm
Laser TypeAlexandrite
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