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Maximizing performance and versatility in fractional CO2 treatments.

Combine the proven performance of a CO2 laser with an innovative scanning system and you’ve got an advanced skin rejuvenation* device that will bring a whole new dimension to your practice. Efficient. Effective. Economical – QuadraLASE is everything you’re looking for in a fractional CO2 laser and more. The exclusive quadrant pulse mechanism distributes pulses in an alternating grid pattern,minimizing heat build-up for increased patient comfort. The 300 micron QS handpiece delivers effective ablation for significant improvement in skin tone and texture. The 180 micron QD handpiece performs deeper therapy for skin tightening**, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring and more. PLUS, QuadraLASE offers the added versatility of continuous wave C02 for traditional resurfacing and the removal of skin tags and benign lesions.

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a year ago
Service Manual
Also looking for a user manual for the QuadraLase Reply


-MedWrench Crystalyn
2 years ago
Syneron-Candela QuadraLase
Syneron-Candela QuadraLaseReply


-Medical Laser Rental and Service
2 years ago
Service Manual
Looking for a Service Manual for the QuadraLase CO2Reply


Syneron-Candela QuadraLase


Laser TypeC02
Height100 cm
Length 24 cm
Weight30 kg
Wavelength10600 nm
Width35 cm

Additional Specifications

  • Laser Type:CO2 (Sealed-off and DC excited)
  • Wavelength:10,600 nm
  • Maximum Power:30 Watts
  • Optical Spot Size:300 microns and 180 micron (fractional); 300 micron continuous
  • Coverage:5-40% in Fractional Mode; 100% in Traditional Mode
  • Aiming Beam:635 nm, intensity adjustable from screen
  • Scan Pattern:Line, Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circle and Donut in Traditional mode Square in Fractional Mode
  • Scan Pattern Size:6×6 mm to 20×20 mm in increments of 2 mm
  • Pulse Duration:Traditional Mode – .1 to .8 ms in increments of .1 ms; Fractional Mode: 2.5 ms to 16 ms
  • Operating Modes:Continuous Single pulse, exposure time: 50 – 1000 ms; Repeat pulse, exposure time – 50 – 1000 ms
  • Articulated Arm:Manueverability – 7 axes Working radius – 130 cm Rotation angle – 340º
  • Electrical:100 – 240 V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions Width:35 cm (13.8 in.); Depth – 24 cm (9.5 in.); Height – 100 cm (39.4 in.)
  • Weight:30 Kg (66 lb.)

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