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Laserscope Aura i 532 nm - KTP

With Laserscope’s exclusive StarPulse technology, the Aura system can deliver variable bursts of energy at widths from 1 to 30 milliseconds or it can be set for continuous wave mode. This compact cosmetic laser system is fully portable, and because it can operate with a 110 V outlet that makes it even more portable than many other comparable models. This system is also easy to use and has been proven to be effective for many years.

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4 years ago
Problem code
What does Problem 81 meanReply


-Kool blast gas
5 years ago
Pump Chamber
Does anyone know where I can purchase a pump chamber for the Aura. I have the rod but need a new chamber.Reply


6 years ago
Regarding PM
Hi all, I just wanted to give some knowledge regarding the Laserscope family. Almost 90% of the Laserscope family issues can be traced back to the DI water. Power low? Inconsistent readings? Over Temp? All of these solutions are the same thing: Flush the system with fresh DI water and changing the DI Filter. This family can be temperamental and require YEARLY filter changes. These filter changes must be done if not then the system cannot function properly. You also require the use of a dongle to reset the service date. Thanks all, Hope this helps!Reply


[list]      [*] Power of 120 volts      [*] Only 73 pounds for easy mobility      [*] Internal cooling system            Applications:      [*] Pigmented lesions      [*] Acne      [*] Vascular lesions      [*] Leg veins      [*] Skin tightening      [/list]

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