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Reaction by Viora – bi-polar multi-RF technology aesthetic device

Reaction is a non-invasive, all-in-one solution for the most popular medical aesthetic procedures.            Reaction by Viora – bi-polar multi-RF technology aesthetic device, featuring vacuum therapy, offers quick, safe treatments for various conditions, such as the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite, relief of minor muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation, with optimal clinical results.            [b]Reaction Puts You, the Physician, in the Drivers Seat[/b]            With Reaction at your fingertips, you’re in full control when treating patients. You manage the depth of penetration, so you can treat a patient’s entire body and face, including the forehead, jaw, and other bony areas, without worrying about causing your patient discomfort.            [b]The Technology Behind Reaction[/b]            Reaction’s cutting edge CORE technology, applies an advanced combination of RF and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective body and facial treatments on the market. Now that you can control penetration depth, target different tissues for various treatments, and attain efficacy temperatures faster, your treatment sessions become shorter, saving you time and allowing you to work with more patients.

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6 months ago
Parts for Viora Reaction

Does anyone know where I can get replacement parts for this? 



-MedWrench Crystalyn
2 years ago
Viora Reaction
Viora Reaction Reply


2 years ago
I'm looking for usermanual and protocols. Any paperwork etc.
I'm looking for usermanual and protocols. Any paperwork etc.Reply


Viora Reaction


[list]      [*] Superior treatment control & precision targeting      [*] Broader dermal effect & higher energy absorption      [*] Highly efficient & effective treatments with proven results      [*] Cost effective with quicker treatments, for a better return on your investment      [*] Safety & flexibility of a non-invasive solution      [*] Works in conjunction with Viora’s ST, BC & FC hand pieces      [/list]


Length 40
Weight17 kg - desktop; 19 kg - wheel base
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