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Puts the power of precise control on your hand.

Its fully closed digital system with automated manifold is completely responsive to your contrast dosing needs.

The CMS2000 simplifies and streamlines procedures-cardiac and noncardiac, diagostic and interventional-optimizing your efficiency.   From coronary to aortic to ventricular injections, puff or large volume, ACIST is there whenever you need it.

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10 years ago
Service Manual and PM

Could anyone provide me with a Service Manual or at least the Preventative Maintenance procedure? I would greatly appreciate it! 

From what I've been told there really isn't much to the PM and there are no calibrations made in the field. 

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  • Touch screen with programmable parameters tracks procedure data.
  • Sterle Angio Touch hand controller provides single-handed precise control of contrast.
  • Unique multiuse contrast syringe may be used for up to five procedures.
  • Built-in sensors monitor key parts of the saline and contrast lines with several points of feedback.

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