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The Tattoo Removal Laser

PicoClear signals the next generation solution for effectively treating the widest range of tattoo colors.    
Like all innovation, new tools are built on the foundation that came before. This innovation creates a win for the patient who can see better results in fewer treatments. The provider wins, too because patients won't cancel due to lack of visible progress. The technology itself signals a generational shift that's here to stay.   
PicoClear is a dual wavelength laser featuring a 532nm KTP and a 1064 Nd: YAG. Both wavelengths have a strong track record in tattoo removal. But PicoClear doesn't end there. Providers have the option of adding a third, 694nm Ruby wavelength.

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Looking for a manual
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  • YAG, KTP and Ruby   
  • Give patients maximized results in record breaking time   
  • Optimize the wavelength to the tattoo colors   
  • Dual wavelength plus an optional third wavelength to expand your opportunities

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