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Tattoo Removal Laser

Professionals looking for a dedicated tattoo removal laser can enjoy numerous benefits with the SINON. This Q-switched ruby laser system helps providers remove tattoos from all areas of the body. Plus, providers can also treat benign pigmented lesion. The fast and gentle treatment helps provides offer maximum result.   
SINON operates at 694 nm. Active Q-switching gives this wavelength a short pulse duration at just 20 nsec. The high repetition rates allow the tattoo removal laser to apply extraordinarily high-powered pulses even at low fluence and with large spot sizes.   
These factors work together so that the practitioner can perform treatments extremely fast and with a reliable result. In other words, SINON’s patient benefits are designed for the practitioner’s benefit, as well.   
SINON helps practitioners treat benign pigments lesions with the same effectiveness as professional tattoo removal. In fact, some cases require only one or two treatments for a successful result.   
SINON’s capabilities range from solar lentigo and café au lait spots to most unwanted pigment changes in the skin. Best of all, flexible parameters offer you the optimal combination for each indication.   
Pigment removal with SINON is extraordinarily gentle to the skin. Unwanted pigments are selectively removed and the surrounding tissue is left untouched. A skin cooling attachment can be mounted directly to the handpiece to maximize patient comfort.   
SINON’s oval spot is the ideal treatment option for darker skin: the 3 mm spot removes small pigmented lesions precisely and gently at very low fluence. These advantages come together to maximize results and minimize the risk of adverse side effects.

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a month ago
I need a service manual for the Alma-Quantel-Derma-Wavelight-Sinon-Ruby-Laser
Technician in Tunisia urgent need. Trouble with Power Supply (resolved ) . Need for procedures to change laser cell, calibratation and complete maintenance . Also address of spare parts seller . Thank you very much.Reply


-Terry Hubbard
a year ago
has anyone had trouble with the backlight on this unit?Reply


  • Speed of treatment, high repetition rates up to 2 Hz   

  • Large spot size   

  • Proven wavelength of 694 nm   

  • Active Q-switch   

  • Ultra short pulses of only 20 nsec   

  • High pulse energy, efficient even at low, gentle fluency   

  • Can treat a wide range of tattoo colors   

    Able to remove:   

  • Amateur tattoos   

  • Traumatic tattoo related    

  • Cosmetic tattoos   

  • “Professional grade” tattoos   

  • Multi colored tattoos   

  • Large tattoos such as “sleeves” or “full backs”


Wavelength694 nm
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