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The Ellex Super Q YAG laser provides precise and reliable treatments for anterior eye diseases.

The Ellex Super Q YAG laser provides precise and reliable treatments for anterior eye diseases. The Super Q is designed for easy transport between multiple sites and combines comprehensive safety features with a firing rate of up to 2 hertz. It also features a custom-designed laser cavity with an exceptional lifespan.      
The Super Q meets new challenges in posterior capsulotomy procedures through refined YAG laser technology that provides more consistent optical breakdown at lower energy. The result is lower risk of lens pitting, more efficient tissue cutting with fewer shots, less cumulative energy delivered and faster procedures.

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User Manual ellex super q
Would like an operation manual - renting the super Q laser but do not have a manual of useReply


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9 months ago
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Error dlag 08Reply


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Over pulse error flag e04 I want to run in calibration mode
Sir,I have leserex leq 3106 and I have Over pulse error flag e04 Reply


  • Flexible, Fully Integrated Design - Ellex’s fully integrated design optimizes laser treatment and provides a number of advantages, including more stable, reliable and consistent energy delivery. The Super Q’s built-in slit lamp features converging optics to provide a more natural stereoscopic view, ideal for anterior segment viewing. This compact, efficient design creates more working space for the physician, as well as convenient, simultaneous access to the patient and laser controls. The Super Q’s self-contained design, in which the laser and controls are integrated into the slit lamp, provides optimal ease of use and flexibility for adapting to different working conditions. 
  • Fine, Two-Point Focusing System - Detection of aiming deviations of as little as 8 microns from the focal plane ensures that energy is placed where intended in relation to the target. With the Super Q’s tolerance range of ± 8 microns, the physician can easily detect if the system is out of focus. 
  • Unique Solid-State Q-Switch Optical Shutter - Life-tested to deliver 400,000 shots, this solid-state Q-switch does not deteriorate over time like more common YAG Q-switches, and dramatically reduces long-term operating costs.


Laser TypeNd:Yag
Height59 in
Length 36 in
Weight104 lbs
Wavelength1064 nm
Width21 in
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