Philips - Intellivue Information Center
by Philips

Philips - Intellivue Information Center
Manufactured by Philips

IntelliVue M3150 Information Center

IntelliVue Information Center combines the real-time monitoring surveillance of a central station with sophisticated clinical decision support tools. The Information Center can capture complete waveforms, trends, alarms, and numerics from networked Philips patient monitors and telemetry systems.         
The Release G.0 M3290A Application Software for the IntelliVue M3150 Information Center (local database) provides a central display of real-time physiological waves and parameters and annunciation of alarms for connected patients.



21 days ago
Philips M3150 Information Center purchased options password
Hello everyone, I am reinstalling the application on info Center M3150, but my purchased options for number of sectors on display reverted back to the default (4), but we did purchase the option for 8 sectors. The system is out of support from Philips and I need the password to bring my options back to what we have before the re-install... anyone help will be much appreciated. And Philips requires me to pay for something I have already paid for in the first place. Thank youReply


3 months ago
Hello. I have a trouble to connect a new switch with this center. I dont view my monitor in the center, but i can do a ping between all divices ( Center, switch and monitor) I have connection but i can not view the monitors.Reply


3 months ago
Does any one have the password to allow me to shut correctly the philips star net software.Reply
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  1. Main Screen for displaying real-time waves and parameters for up to 16 patients         
  2. Central review station for reviewing up to 96 hours of stored patient monitoring data         
  3. Support of new instrument telemetry patient monitor         
  4. Real-time and stored patient monitoring data include full disclosure wave forms and parameters, alarms, multilead arrhythmia, ST segments, events, and trends         

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