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Up-to date microprocessor technology ensures easy operation. All function keys are protected against dirt and humidity by a plastic foil. A locking key prevents inadvertent changes of the programmed set temperature and defrost time. Easily readable display. Automatic display of error conditions. All programmed parameters are protected in event of a mains power failure by a battery-backed memory. The ergonomically positioned handwheel is conveniently accessible. A safety lock prevents inadvertent movements of the specimen head to safeguard user against injuries when changing the specimen or knife. Easy-to-use specimen orientation to produce top quality sections- even of critical samples such as skin- in a minimum of time.

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2 months ago
Leica CM1800 cryostat - user is looking for a user manual

One of my histotechs is looking for a user manual for a Leica CM1800 cryostat.
Does anyone have a digital file of the user manual?



4 years ago
K Pfeiffer CBET
Unit sat 3 years. Turns on , microprocessor seems ok. Unit sometimes cools , but not to set -25C . Other times starts and does not cool at all. Is this a condenser problem or a possible sensor/main board issue ?Reply


4 years ago
electric wiring map
hi ,Does anyone have an electric wiring map of this model cryostat or any information about main Electronic control board and its map Reply


[list]    [*] Microprocessor control    [*] Motorized coarse feed    [*] Rapid specimen orientation     [*] Universal knife holder system    [*] Compact dimensions    [/list]


Height1165 mm
Length 670 mm
Weight125 kg
Width695 mm

Additional Specifications

Section thickness setting: 1 to 60um     Maximum specimen size: 55mm     Horizontal specimen feed: 25mm     Vertical specimen stroke: 59mm     Trimming: via motorized coarse feed     Motorized coarse feed: 2 speeds     Temperature setting range: 0 C to -35 C     Cooling down time to -35 C: 4h     Defrosting: Programmable     Freezing shelf temperature: down to -45 C

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