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Designed for the combination of SAFETY and EASE-OF-USE.

In labor and delivery, every second counts. You must be able to respond quickly and easily, especially in an emergency. The Affinity 4 birthing bed delivers on the promise of a safe, sleek birthing bed that functions in the busiest environment with ease.                                                                                  No more hassle with a removable foot section – How do you remove it? How does it go back on? With Affinity 4 Stow and GoTM feature, the integrated foot section simply slides under the bed for birth and back into place afterward. Or, if you choose our ergonomically designed lift-off version, simply place the foot section on the built-in stand.

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-Paul Tigro
7 years ago
Troubleshooting why bed doesnt go all the way down
I work on the beds at this hospital but am not firmiliar with this bed. The bed does not go down as much as it is supposed to. How do I correct this? I am aware that I have to go to computer boardReply


7 years ago
Manual Search
Hi! I was looking for the manual for the Hill-Rom 425 model bed but I could not locate it. If anyone does have it, shoot me an email at tom.punnen.815@k12.friscoisd.org with the manual. Thanks!Reply


-Helen Richards
9 years ago
Cleaning advice



[list]    [*] Stow and Go foot section — With this revolutionary maternity bed feature, you are no longer required to lift and remove the foot section.It easily slides into a stored position during delivery and glides back into place afterwards      [*] Battery backup — With this exclusive feature, bed controls continue to function even when the birthing bed is unplugged, facilitating positioning and control during emergency transport      [*] EasyGlide calf supports — Permanently attached to the Affinity 4 Birthing Bed to eliminate misplacing.New single lever lock allows the calf supports to quickly, easily and securely latch into place      [*] OneStep siderails — One handed operation to raise and lower the maternity bed’s siderails. The siderails automatically tuck under the birthing bed when lowered      [*] OneStep foot support — Quick and intuitive to deploy with infinite positioning      [*] Comfortline mattress — New extra thick, gentle air mattress designed to address patient comfort and satisfaction      [*] Tempur-Pedic mattress — The material used in Tempur-Pedic medical mattresses is clinically proven to reduce the incidence of stage II or higher ulcers. Surveys show patients are more comfortable and feel the hospital really cares about patient satisfaction    [/list]


Height39 in High, Low 23
Bed TypeBirthing
Length 90 in
Weight480 lbs
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
Width39 in with siderails up
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