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ECG Fetal transducer 

The ECG wireless fetal transducer utilizes the M1362B ECG Adapter cable to allow monitoring for the fetal scalp or adult electrodes. This transducer completes the package for a full monitoring system during labor and delivery.
Avalon CTS measures fetal movement and heart rate, uterine activity, and maternal ECG, in a compact unit that can be stored on a cart or inside a drawer with Philips monitors. The Avalon is transforming labor and delivery, giving expecting mothers the freedom to move around and not be confined by cords during delivery, all without compromising fetal monitoring. Designed to give greater freedom of movement during labor and more choice in birthing positions, it provides the information you need right when you need it.

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  • Advanced communications technology enables uninterrupted data transmission 
  • Smart cordless transducers are lightweight, waterproof, and provide greater comfort
  • Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout allows focus on patient care, not the system
  • Status indicators and bed identifier are easy to use
  • Seamlessly connects to Philips fetal monitors and OB TraceVue to allow fast and confident decision-making
  • Can be used with the following Philips Avalon fetal monitors
    • FM-20 Fetal Monitor 
    • FM-30 Fetal Monitor
    • FM-40 Fetal Monitor
    • FM-50 Fetal Monitor

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