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Specifically designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry

MicroMain understands the stringent record-keeping and reporting requirements for healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and biomedical/clinical engineering departments. Their solution is a special version of their most popular CMMS software specifically designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.     
Maintenance Healthcare contains all the functionality of Maintenance Premium, plus additional healthcare-related capabilities. They worked with industry experts to develop a range of indispensable healthcare-related capabilities.     
MicroMain’s CMMS system was built to simplify your work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, parts & inventory management, and more.

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  • Track compliance of PFI-related equipment     
  • Identify HIPAA-related equipment and compliance issues     
  • Track assets, including those with restricted access     
  • Show safety, lockout/tagout, and inspection flags     
  • Create corrective work orders from failed inspection points     
  • Assess the current condition of healthcare assets     
  • Identify assets that are part of your Statement of Conditions (SOC)     
  • Perform risk assessments     
  • Flag equipment that contains patient data     
  • Generate Joint Commission (TJC) reports     
  • Special reports for demonstrating compliance with specific healthcare regulations

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