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Mobile, efficient and high-quality diode lasers are our passion

A whole new world of therapeutic applications and clinical results - this is our LEONARDO® Laser system. It's the most versatile and universal medical laser system in the market today.         
The LEONARDO® Lasers are designed to work in perfect combination with a broad spectrum of special medical fibers and application kits developed by biolitec® and its companies. biolitec® is one of the world’s most technologically advanced suppliers of fiberoptic products. The biolitec® treatment methods are routinely performed and validated in highly respected medical centers worldwide and are the number one choice for treating a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions.

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8 months ago
Derma mode
Hello everybody. The instructions say that you can use the laser DUAL 45 in dermatology: Telangiectases, spider naevi, hemangioma, spider veins, vascular malformations, warts, lentigo. So my question is, has anyone used this device for dermatology.Reply
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Leonardo Mini Treatments

  • Venous diseases         

  • Hemorrhoids and fistulas         

  • Wide spectrum of ENT diseases         

  • Gynecological diseases         

  • Pain management          

  • Revitalization of muscle tissue         

    Leonardo Dual 200 and 45         

  • Broad spectrum of minimally invasive therapeutic laser applications         

  • Intuitive use with touch screen and fast set-up         

  • Selection between pre-set modes or individualized settings         

  • Choice between green or red aiming beam         

  • Two wavelength in one compact and space-saving laser system         

  • Multidisciplinary use         

  • Low-maintenance and reliable laser diodes


Biolitec - Leonardo Dual 200

Biolitec - Leonardo Dual 45

Biolitec - Leonardo Mini 1470 nm

Biolitec - Leonardo Mini Athletic

Biolitec - Leonardo Mini Dual

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